Following the fire nextdoor in the fish and chip shop we are still unable to say when we will be able to open again. Apologies if you have been trying to speak to us on the phone; we anticipate having the phone line back up and running sometime after the 12th September, so you should be able to call us. Let’s hope that calls at least will be coming through loud and clear. It’s been great to have so much support through the disruption. Thank you! We’ll let you know here as soon as we have a better idea of a re-opening date.

Our usual opening hours are:
10am – 5pm (Tuesday to Friday)
10am – 4.30pm (Saturday)

Please wear a face covering in our small showroom.  Hand sanitiser is available and we use a serving screen at the counter.

We look forward to welcoming you soon!

We produce a wide range of stoneware and porcelain, from espresso cups to good size dishes, and vases and art pieces, with plenty under £20. See some examples below. We look forward to welcoming you.

Why not buy a gift voucher for a friend? Just give us a call or pop in. We can even send out your voucher to you by post. A great gift!

Call us on 0131 662 4064 for more information.


Alongside our pottery we now sell the wonderful poetry of our collaborator, the makar Elizabeth Burns, part of whose legacy we hold.

You can still see some work from the A Potter, a Painter and a Poet collaboration here,

Special to this event was the film – PotterPainterPoet– directed by Sitar Rose.

The book of the collaboration, which includes the DVD of the full documentary,  is available here.

Book cover - A Potter, a Painter and a Poet

See some of Paul and Junko’s work here:

High Quality Handthrown Stoneware

At The Meadows Pottery in Edinburgh’s Southside (we are close to the Summerhall arts venue) we offer a wide range of the highest quality traditional pottery and contemporary ceramics in handthrown stoneware, with prices from £3 to over £1500. We accept commissions and we are always keen to discuss the possibilities with you. Everything is made by us, by hand.

We are privileged to have been working with the extraordinary photographer Iga Gozdowska. Please look at the page Photos by Iga Gozdowska to see some of the wonderful results.

Here are some other recently made pieces.

From the beginning we have focused on supplying customers directly with reasonably priced, high quality stoneware that is warm, simple and easy on the eye.

With the distinctive range of glazes we’ve developed over more than thirty years, everything from a simply glazed bowl to a highly decorated piece is created with the same care and consideration.

We are interested to know what you think of our pots and what you would like us to make. We benefit from many returning customers who have grown to know our wares over the years, some building up there own sets of ware for the home, or finding us a good source of successful gifts for friends and family. We make sure we keep a wide price range of wares on sale, with plenty of items selling for under £20. We make pots for all sorts of purposes, from the more usual mugs, jugs, bowls, vases, and teapots to colanders, goblets, garlic pots, saltcrocks, candleholders, cheesebells and planters, even the occasional five gallon teapot! Everything is handthrown on the potter’s wheel, on the premises, by us.

Apart from the porcelain, everything is high-fired oxidised stoneware, fired in an electric kiln to Cone 10, which is around 1300 degrees Celsius.  We hope our pots give something to the user, from the comfort of a curved form with a calming glaze, to the reassurance that comes from knowing a thing has been well made using the highest quality materials.

Contact us by telephone: 0131 662 4064

Member of the Scottish Potters Association.

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