We use many of our glazes in double-dipped combinations, with wax-resist decoration from stripes and spirals to free form brushwork. We also create hand painted lettering, figures and designs using any of our twenty or more coloured clay slips underneath the shiny transparent or the matt F.87 glaze. We glaze our porcelain solely in the  Transparent glaze. All our glazes are feldspar based with varying additions of silica, china clay, dolomite, whiting, colouring oxides, carbonates and other fluxes.

Green Glaze

Shiny to semi-matt. We call it Grün Gesprenkeltes or GG. From Friedel Krause of Freiburg-im-Breisgau.

Pale Brown Glaze

Oatmeal, semi-matt. Friedels 87 (See GG above) A great glaze to use over slip (coloured clay) decoration.We call it F87.

Blue/Green Glaze

Semi-matt to matt. We call it No 10.

Off White Glaze

Shiny, slightly off-white. We call it Shiny White.

Strong Blue Glaze

Satin semi- gloss. We call it New Blue.

Dark Brown Glaze

Shiny with dark shades of other colours creeping in. We call it Ohata/Tessha or Tenmoku. Originally two glazes of Japanese origin which we have combined. Possibly not, strictly speaking, a tenmoku.

Transparent Glaze

Satin semi-gloss, a very clear glaze. We call it Clear Transparent. Check out the effect on our white porcelain pieces.

Creamy Crystal Glaze

Can be grey to yellowish gold with crystals and even subtle peach coronas. We call it Zinc Crystal. Based on a reduction chun (a classical Chinese glaze) this came from Ken Bushe, as he was giving up pottery to paint full-time, with the recommendation to “try chucking in a bit of titanium with it” — which did the job nicely. Rarely have we seen a glaze similar to this: as we fire in an electric kiln — ‘oxidising’ our pottery rather than ‘reducing’ it in the flame of a gas or wood-fired kiln — our finish is quite different fom the Chinese original. As the glaze cools down from around 1300 Celsius but is still molten, the zinc crystals grow in the glaze, golden and glinting, as they push other glazes out of the way, particularly the Green glaze, to wonderful effect. This crystal growth happens naturally within our firing cycle, but normally an imposed slow cooling cycle is required for such effects, so we feel very lucky!

Pink Glaze

Semi-matt. As the above but with a high-temperature colour added.

Black Glaze

Works well with many other glazes

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