Holyrood Pottery (1917-1927)

The Scottish artist Henry Taylor Wyse  ran the Holyrood Pottery at Boroughloch Square, not 200yds from us here at The Meadows Pottery. Holyrood Pottery was a rare and early example of a Scottish “art” pottery like our own: the first in an Edinburgh Southside tradition perhaps?

Although HTW was the instigator, owner, designer, and researcher of the business, he did employ a small band of dedicated workers to make most of the pieces, including an
experienced thrower, George Griffiths. This is the main difference between ourselves here at The Meadows Pottery and the Holyrood Pottery: we perform all the design, manufacture and business tasks ourselves, employing no one else. We also only sell through our shop, whereas HTW marketed and sold his wares throughout the world.

The Meadows Pottery’s cultural origins come, in part, directly from the Arts and Crafts tradition so strongly established by the likes of Henry Taylor Wyse, so it is with great
pleasure and a respectful eye to the past that we are able to link here
with the manuscript penned by Henry Taylor Wyse in 1943, outlining the history and
background of his pottery adventure. There is also a hard copy of the manuscript available to browse through in our shop if you prefer, so please enquire.

With the kind permission of the Wyse Family Archive.

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